AYD Services in oder to help you ...

 New project


Project Management

Interior design

New layout

Concept design

Research & Development

  Conversion & Refit

AYD ​​Conversion & Refit

Exterior Design conversions

Interior  Design conversions

General arrangement

Furniture sourcing

3D Scan

  Marine Engineering

AYD Marine Engineering

Machinery plans

Structural drawing

Calculation note & report



Achieve plans to standards & class approval


 AYD Classification

Fire & Safety plans approval stamp  by Flag

Setup IMO Symbol & printing  items

Lightweight check

Inclining experiment 

Stability Booklet

Setup standards MCA LY2 & LY3

Achieve the plans to Class Standards  

  Owner Representative

AYD Owner Representative

Report & custom study

Comparative study

Sourcing & analysis  

Insurance audit

Digital archiving plans

Setting up the backup copies

Expertise & advice for superyacht owner for purchasing